TPWD Needs ShareLunker Entries To Create New Generation Brooders

I am trying to be kind here, but this has not actually been a stellar Toyota ShareLunker season. In fact, were it not for a single 13.07-pound bass from Marine Creek Lake it would not be a season at all. Before scrambling for a map, Marine Creek Lake is a postage stamp-sized lake near Fort Worth. Only 250-acres in size it produced its first…

Survey shows record numbers of ducks found way to Texas

STEVE KNIGHT   When you go to buy your hunting license next fall you are going to face a number of questions on your harvest of migratory birds in order to get you Harvest Information Program or HIP certification. When it comes to ducks and geese, what is your answer going to be? Was your waterfowl year better than

Teen arrested in connection with killing bald eagle

TPWD AUSTIN -- On Feb. 22, an American bald eagle was shot in north Harris County, Texas, near White Oak Bayou. The eagle was one of two adult eagles that have actively nested in this area for several years. A tip about the possible shooting of an eagle led Texas Parks and Wildlife Department game wardens, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service special

Agencies, Biologists Cautious About Texas Approved Wild Pig Toxicant

  STEVE KNIGHT/   Texas’ battle on wild pigs took a new turn this week, with the Texas Department of Agriculture’s approval of a warfarin-based product for control of the pig. Texas Agricultural Commissioner Sid Miller announced the approval of Kaput Feral Hog Lure as the first toxicant listed specifically for

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Game Warden field notes

The following items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement reports. Leaving a Game Camera Trail Texas game…

24 February 2017 [07:13 AM]
Adventure Fishing

        PUERTA de SAN MARCOS, MEXICO - It was the final morning of four days of fishing on Mexico’s Lake Picachos, a 14,000-acre lake located in the mountains just outside Mazatlan. The previous three mornings had been…

22 February 2017 [01:56 PM]
New Rage turkey broad heads

SUPERIOR, Wis. - Rage has designed a new broadhead specifically for turkey hunters that will eliminate the problem of a flopping-then-fleeing gobbler…

21 February 2017 [06:57 AM]
Honda reveals concept outboard

ALPHARETTA, Ga. -- Honda Marine breaks the mold for marine engines with a bold concept engine that could power the future of…

21 February 2017 [06:44 AM]
Court overturns ScentBlocker decision

SCENTBLOCKER ScentBlocker has successfully overturned the original jury award in the case ScentLok brought against it in 2014 claiming false advertising.…

20 February 2017 [07:07 AM]
Game Warden field notes

TPWD The following items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement reports. Keep the Beard A Sutton County…

16 February 2017 [02:32 PM]
Anything But A Pig

It is kind of hard to pigeon-hole javelinas. They are likeable little guys with their squinty eyes, short legs and long snout.…

16 February 2017 [06:56 AM]
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