Hunting and fishing friends are special because they get it

This is the time of year everyone looks at their checklist of things to be thankful for. If you are a fisherman or a hunter, somewhere on that list is going to be partners that are just as much into fishing and hunting as you are. Others just don’t get that distant glare that pops up in a hunter’s eye about Sept. 1 or how silent a fisherman…

Tyler DU banquet on Tuesday helps raise funds for waterfowl projects

The one thing about waterfowl wetlands projects is that they are not always seen from the road. But since 1985, Ducks Unlimited has worked with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, other government agencies and private landowners to conserve, enhance or create 230,000 acres of habitat in Texas. In a state that is 98 percent privately-owned land,

Young hunter's first buck makes a surprise visit to the stand

Most hunters will say they like having game cameras out because of the advanced knowledge of what might be coming to their stand, but they can take away the excitement of that surprising buck that just wanders in. That is what happened for Chloe Howard, a 12-year-old Bullard hunter who spent the opening morning of the youth-only season in a

Young hunter's first buck as good as it gets

After seeing the buck lying on the ground, J.J. Idrogo had a few words for his father. “Dad, I would not have handed me the gun,” said the 11-year-old Tyler hunter. The young hunter had just taken his first buck and only his second deer. It was not just any buck, though. It was a 17-point trophy by anyone’s standards. It was the second

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TFFC Outdoor Expo Sept. 30

TPWD ATHENS-The Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center (TFFC) is offering visitors on Saturday, Sept. 30, opportunities to learn about a wide range of…

27 September 2017 [06:45 AM]
Larsen Sanctuary closed from hurricane damage

NATURE CONSERVANCY SILSBEE -- The Nature Conservancy’s Roy E. Larsen Sandyland Sanctuary in Silsbee will be closed until further notice due to flood…

27 September 2017 [06:36 AM]
Quail appreciation day Oct. 5 in San Antonio

PAUL SCHATTENBERG/ SAN ANTONIO - The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, San Antonio Quail Coalition and Witte Museum will present the first-ever…

26 September 2017 [06:25 AM]
Bass Pro completes Cabela's purchase

BASS PRO SHOPS SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s, two iconic brands and leaders in the outdoor industry, have officially joined…

25 September 2017 [07:19 PM]
After 37 seasons contest comes to an end

After 37 seasons, the Tyler Paper/’s Big Buck Contest has come to an end. The contest tradition has seen participation from three…

23 September 2017 [04:45 PM]
Celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day

TPWD AUSTIN – National Hunting and Fishing Day, an annual celebration of the contributions hunters and anglers make in conserving and protecting…

22 September 2017 [06:34 AM]
Mojo Catfish rods for big cats

ST CROIX Park Falls, WI– Warm sun-filled days coupled with crisp, cool nighttime temperatures start bringing temperatures down on Arkansas's Lake Ouachita.…

20 September 2017 [06:56 AM]
RGV Birding Festival Nov. 8-12

HARLINGEN – The Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival Nov. 8-12 is in its 24th year, and the birds are still awesome. First-timers…

20 September 2017 [06:42 AM]
East Texas DU banquets on tap

DUCKS UNLIMITED Founded in 1937, Ducks Unlimited is currently celebrating its 80th anniversary. East Texas area Ducks Unlimited chapters are currently planning a…

19 September 2017 [03:01 PM]
Swhacker releases 150-grain broadhead

SWHACKER Covington, GA – The highly anticipated Swhacker 150-grain expandable broadheads, featuring a whopping 3-inch cutting diameter, are finding their way onto…

19 September 2017 [06:49 AM]
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