Moultrie Game Spy 2 packed for 2017

Published on Tuesday, 31 January 2017 06:56 - Written by

Birmingham, AL – Moultrie, the best-selling brand of trail cameras, game feeders and wildlife management products, introduces the small but mighty Game Spy 2 Plus, which makes trail camera scouting simple and more affordable than ever. Keeping tabs on a mature buck is hard enough-operating a game cam to help find that buck shouldn't add to the frustration.

Boasting a 50-foot motion-detection range, 50-foot flash range and a lightning-quick trigger speed of 1 second, Moultrie's Game Spy 2 Plus scouting camera captures multi-shot photos and video to meet your basic scouting needs without a hefty price tag. From monitoring a food plot to keeping tabs on a heavily used trail, the Game Spy 2 Plus has the capabilities to functions flawlessly in any scouting location.

Never again miss any nighttime action with a flashed equipped with 24 LEDs and 850nm nighttime infrared technology to illuminate game up to 50-feet away in total darkness, meaning the game you pursue will never see you coming. With a micro case that literally fits in the palm of your hand, the Game Spy 2 Plus is green and blends in with its surroundings while offering a fully weatherproof plastic exterior for seasons of problem-free service.

Outfitting your entire property has never been easier or more attainable than with the ultra-affordable Game Spy 2 Plus camera, which has value in mind right down to its minimalistic battery consumption-capturing 14,000 images on 6-AA before its batteries need changing.

Moultrie Game Spy 2 Plus Highlighted Features:


A flash equipped with 24 LEDs and 850nm nighttime infrared technology illuminates game up to 40 feet away in total darkness-for maximum coverage with minimal intrusion.


Manage image quality and storage with 2 resolution settings-low (2MP) and high (9MP)-and capture 4:3 aspect ratio video in 640x480px.


Multi-shot and single-image modes offer hunters customizability.


A sturdy case with a weatherproof plastic exterior comes with standard 1/4"-20 bottom tripod mounts and back slots for use with an included nylon strap or python lock cable (sold separately) for tree mounting. A python lock-compatible clasp offers added security.


Works with SD/SDHC Class 4 cards or higher and can handle up to 32 GB cards.


Requires 6 AA batteries and captures approximately 10,000 images

Highlighted Specifications:

· Resolution: 9 MP

· Trigger speed: 1 seconds

· Flash range: 50 feet

· Illumination type: 24 LED / 850nm infrared flash

· Detection range: 50 feet

· Video: VGA (640x480)

· Photo Resolution: Low, 2MP - 1920x1080 / High, 6 MP - 4608x2592

· SD Card: 32 GB max