Swhacker releases 150-grain broadhead

Published on Tuesday, 19 September 2017 06:49 - Written by


Covington, GA – The highly anticipated Swhacker 150-grain expandable broadheads, featuring a whopping 3-inch cutting diameter, are finding their way onto arrows and crossbow bolts nationwide this season. With the growing trend in boosted front-of-center weighting, the Swhacker 150-grain broadhead delivers greater arrow stability out of today's high performance compounds and crossbows. But the benefits of the added weight go beyond flight stability; the 150-grain monster delivers bone-crushing kinetic energy down range, where its massive 3-inch cutting diameter makes minced meat of vital organs.

The secret lies in Swhacker's proven two-slice technology. Upon contact, the 150-grain's 1-inch wingblades - the same 1-inch wingblade diameter found on other 100-grain and 125-grain models in the Swhacker lineup - penetrate hide, bone, and muscle before causing the 3-inch primary blades to deploy only after passing the first layer of ribs. This means all 3-inches of the scalpel-sharp "virgin" blades are available to slice internal organs unscathed, while retaining greater momentum for superior pass-through performance. The 150-grain delivers cleaver-like exit wounds that need to be seen to be believed and, ultimately, blood trails that make for extra short tracking jobs.

"A lot of guys question the energy you need to use a head this large," said Swhacker co-owner and creator, Rick Forrest. "But the energy you need to get through the ribs and into the vital organs only relates to the 1-inch cut of the wingblades, which is no different than our other heads. Once inside, you don't need all that energy to cut soft tissue and organs until you exit the far side. By not wasting energy on a big entrance cut, you retain the momentum you need to create that massive exit wound."