After 37 seasons contest comes to an end

Published on Saturday, 23 September 2017 16:45 - Written by STEVE KNIGHT,

After 37 seasons, the Tyler Paper/’s Big Buck Contest has come to an end.

The contest tradition has seen participation from three generations of hunters and was the longest-running free big buck contest in the state. Over the years, winning bucks have come from throughout the state, including on occasion bucks that have qualified for Boone & Crockett scoring status.

It is ending not because of a lack of interest in deer hunting, but because of a shift in hunter attitudes.

The contest was formed at the earliest stages of deer management in Texas to promote the importance of age and genetics in producing quality bucks. While younger hunters still like to shoot big bucks when they get the chance, they are putting more emphasis in harvesting deer for the venison from a sustainable population.

The contest was originally started as a joint project between the Tyler Paper and Tyler’s old The Sportster store, it has been sponsored in recent years by long-term partners Mac’s Gun Shop, the Army & Navy Store, East Texas Seed, The Tire Barn and Global Alarm.

While the contest has ended, hunters are asked to still send in pictures and stories of their success to or