Younger generation taking up hunting, but for different reasons

With their funding so tied to the sales of hunting licenses, hunting equipment purchases and hunters in general, state wildlife biologists and wildlife conservation organizations have for years wondered about the future of hunting. Sport hunting has gone through a number of generational evolutions in Texas. It started at the end World War II,…

One question, two answers when it comes to CWD

Chronic Wasting Disease in animals like deer and elk is a little like climate change. Everyone agrees something is happening, but no one seems to agree on what is causing it and what to do about it. That is certainly the case when talking about state wildlife agencies and those who farm the animals. Both agree CWD can be found in rearing-pens and

Contractors effort leaves state, fishermen upset on Lake Fork

What was supposed to be a fairly normal chemical spraying for water hyacinth on portions of Lake Fork went bad this summer, starting another small firestorm at the lake. As is customary at Texas lakes, the Texas Texas Parks and Wildlife Department contracted with a private applicator to conduct the spraying of herbicide on Lake Fork this summer.

Spotlight counts help deer hunters get look at numbers, ratios Video

CAMP VERDE – It was a cool night for September on the Camp Verde Ranch in the Texas Hill Country. It was in the 70s and headed toward the 50s when the truck crossed over the cattle guard. It was 30 minutes after sunset and, although dark, it was in some ways the start of deer season. Not with a gun or bow, but with high-powered spotlights

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Gander Mountain stores are not DOA, yet

STEVE KNIGHT/   “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” Mark Twain   Despite stories circulating from some news outlets, the…

08 May 2017 [08:10 AM]
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